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Projects in progress

Projects in progress

Project: Education and healthiness

Academy of Science and Education e. V. is a non-governmental organization of public utility existing since 2010. It was founded by medical scientists as experts for physical and psychological healthiness, as well as experienced lecturers and teachers as consultants in the area of education. Furthermore there are many parents and pupils supporting the work and progress of Academy and seeking out for advices in social and scientifical issues.

Recently there was the exposure to frequently emerging illnesses, both concerning numerous pupils within a certain age range (e. g. ADHD, Bulimia nervosa, overweight, mobbing ...) and effecting their parents and teachers (e. g. stress symptoms, alcoholism, psychoactive drugs ...) in the center of attention. Academy tried to succeed in overcoming the difficulties of learning disabilities and social exclusion arising from the former named illnesses.

The ongoing service widened out, especially in cases of latent diseases like cancer, physiological and optical handicaps, and also in the idea of including relatives or friends to play a part in it. However, to put this principle of relatives or friends acting professional into practice, Academy offers the necessary courses and instructions.

The members of staff are scientists, medicals, psychologists and pedagogues. The state-approved association is well networked in all federal states of Germany and international.

Project: Media and Internet
Career advancement for adolescents

The members of „Academy of science and education e. V. - Dialog in Bildung” are working with adolescents in different organizations for integration for mainly five or more years. The focus of attention is in career advancement, especially for girls and boys, who are difficult to place. The target group is the adolescents themselves as well as their parents, being involved in the issues concerning their children. In this case a network formation has been created, which includes amongst others public authorities, youth welfare services and commercial enterprises.

One of the projects that just started is for example the coedition of a magazine, which informs about education and qualification with various articles and makes it possible for adolescents to gain professional knowledge in their future jobs.

The internet raised to one of the most popular media in the last few years. It's quite easy to encourage our target group to take it as a serious learning platform: Learning, how to communicate and act in a peaceful and nonviolent way as well as gaining professional knowledge. In so doing they do not learn passive, but rather swing into action in various projects, which allow them to be creative in their own way. Both Teachers and instructors and parents are also able to adapt this knowledge (of the magazine and the projects) to their educational methods, which is, of course, increasing the success. Our project is currently in an experimental stage and will be contentually expanded to a concrete supportable scientific concept. International exchange and close collaboration with public authorities, non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises (especially established in the information technology sector) allow us to work steadily and support our vigorous efforts.