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About us

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Academy of Science and Education e.V.

is a non-profit, state-approved and independent organisation (NPO / NGO), attends to charitable assignments financed amongst others by national and international projects, which are accomplished by order of the European Union or private and governmental principals.

Mainly our activities are consulting and implementing projects in the programms of the European Commission. We act as a mediator between project partners, mentor interested parties (interior and exterior) and organize sojourns, which include offers for education and advanced training (e.g. workshops, lectures, visitations and sightseeing, accomodation, transfer, interpreting services and other facilities).. 


We are well connected in many different levels of education and lines, especially with schools/universities and scientific institutes, medicine/pharmacy, corporate governance, trading services and other facilities, tourism, energy industry, agriculture and forestry and eventually administration.

‘Academy of Science and Education e. V.' is based on the German Press Code and ISO 26000: Non-profit commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

Statutory defined, the focus of our acitvities is on science and education. As seen below the spectrum is broadly defined:

Academy of Science and Education e.V. reaches its objectives particularly with regard to the imperting of both knowledge and values, national and international knowledge- and value-transfers, exchange of experience in national, social and economical systems, education and advanced training in all periods of life.

The aspects written above are carried into effect by: Projects in science and education, which are supported by the European Union or other governmental institutions; our own efforts in educational research and its realization in education institutes; implementing advanced training and information events (in cooperation with several research facilities and and education institutes, government agencies and companies); consulting and educating the public (amongst others events, print media, internet) and education institutes (transfer of knowledge, e.g. via symposia, information events, advanced training); launch of school facilities, schools themselves as well as universities.

Our academic members are also internationally well experienced and are part of a huge network to take action in many different areas of science and education. As you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us:

Academy of science and education e. V.
Dr. Gerhard R. Pelz • Dr. Birgitt Kraft
Am Margretenberg 40, D-36100 Petersberg,
Tel. +49 (0) 661 9629433